History of Hotel Saratoga

Since 1962...

The Saratoga Hotel was founded in 1962 by two Mallorcan families, along with two Catalan families united by a strong friendship. From its beginnings to the present day, it has been and continues to be run by family members.

hotel saratoga palma de mallorca

Year 1960

history hotel saratoga palma de mallorca

In the year 1960, coinciding with the beginnings of tourism on the island, the founding partners purchased a plot of land on Paseo Mallorca, a spacious promenade in the city center that runs parallel to the final stretch of La Riera.

hotel saratoga palma de mallorca

The origins

From its inception, it has been managed by family members, and that remains the case today. Two years passed from the purchase of the plot to the opening of the hotel, during which the founding partners worked on the goals, philosophy, and organization that would guide the day-to-day operations of the hotel, always focused on the pursuit of excellence in service and customer care. Those same foundations and principles are still adhered to by the current management 62 years later.

history staff saratoga palma de mallorca
hotel saratoga palma de mallorca

The opening

hall entrada historia hotel saratoga palma de mallorca

The Saratoga Hotel opened its doors on May 7, 1962. It had three floors and 80 rooms, with a ground floor housing the lobby, pool, and restaurant-dining area. During this time, the Saratoga Hotel was the only building in the final stretch of Paseo Mallorca, and from the 3rd floor, the entire Bay of Palma could be admired.

The growing tourist demand led to the expansion of the hotel. In 1965, a restaurant-ballroom was built on the top floor, which would later become the renowned Blue Jazz Club, now known as Restaurant L'Àtic

hotel saratoga palma de mallorca

A√Īos 70's

In addition to being a tourist landmark, it became one of the fashionable places in the social life of Palma, frequented by the high society of Mallorca. The restaurant and the ballroom 'La Cueva' (as it was called) have witnessed great debates, laughter, and celebrations that remain forever in the memory of all those present. The piano lounge on the first floor, known as the 'Piano Lounge,' hosted classical music concerts for the guests who could share moments with the Palmesan society that also attended these musical events.

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hotel saratoga palma de mallorca

80's & 90's

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In the 1980s and 1990s, the hotel became one of the landmarks of the city of Palma and one of the notable buildings on Paseo Mallorca in Palma.

hotel saratoga palma de mallorca

At present

Over the years, the Hotel Saratoga, aiming to always provide better service to its customers, has undergone significant changes in both its rooms and common facilities, always respecting the family essence and remaining true to the tradition of the Hotel Saratoga. A welcoming, open, and emblematic center of the tourist and social life of Palma; a reference and meeting point for people, stories, and culture.

historia hotel saratoga palma de mallorca