Safety and Comfort at Hotel Saratoga

Safety and Comfort

For the past few months, we’ve been working to come back stronger and ready to ensure your utmost safety and that of our employees in this new normality.

We are very excited to come back, stronger and committed to our work, so that quality is always paramount in the service we provide, as usual. New actions, changes and the implementation of technological improvements guarantee a safe stay at all times.

hotel saratoga palma de mallorca

Technological improvements

eat & drink hotel saratoga palma de mallorca

QR Codes
We’ve replaced all paper menus and information with digital ones with a double goal: ensuring hygiene and safety while being environmentally friendly.

TV Channel.
Don’t worry if you are not familiar with QR codes. We’ve created a new TV channel where you will be able to access all hotel information from your room.

Online check in.
We offer the possibility to check-in online so that upon arrival to the hotel you just need to collect your key, get to the room and enjoy your stay.

Whatsapp Business.
We’ve implemented a new communication channel so that all our guests are in touch with us at all times, wherever they are, and from their own phone. You’ll be able to order room service, report an incidence or simply ask for information.

Press service.
We’ve eliminated the printed newspapers and magazines service in our hall, promoting the use of digital versions.

business eventos hotel saratoga palma de mallorca
hotel saratoga palma de mallorca

As always, you just need to enjoy and disconnect...
we’ll take care of the rest!

¡We look forward to welcoming you and to offering you a comfortable, happy and safe experience, as always!

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our team.

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