The Allen Graham Foundation provides homes and life skills for many of Mallorca’s disadvantaged and abused children who have been in care homes for most of their lives.
When they become 18, the state no longer considers them to be children and they must leave state care. Almost always these young adolescents have nowhere to go and easily drift into very bad situations which will ensnare them for life.

The Allen Graham Foundation runs a halfway house project “Mig I Mig” giving
essential accommodation to these young people. The charity provides and maintains a property in Palma ensuring a safe place for these vulnerable youngsters so they may get the time and help to acquire life skills, further education, good financial management and emotional stability.

The aim is to assist them develop in such a way as to be able to achieve the things they want in life. Like their peers in “normal families”, it’s crucial they feel they have a future, one which can be full of opportunities, hope and happiness.

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This Jazz Night, featuring Geoff Frosell and his 6-piece Dixie Swing Band is to raise money for the International Book Day when the children and young people in care go with their carers to El Corte Ingles and choose a new book